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Our Vision

Compassion, trust and optimal outcomes

Proudly Serving Connecticut since 2019

Our vision at Affinity Dispensary is to redefine the cannabis experience, bringing it to a new level of excellence. We are 100% committed to providing our customers with the highest quality retail experience for everyone. At the heart of our mission lies a deep-rooted connection to our community, where we strive to educate, engage, and contribute positively.

For our medical patients, our goal is to create a relationship with each patient built on compassion, trust and optimal outcomes. Our experienced and knowledgeable pharmacists will meet privately with each patient to discuss his or her conditions and recommend the appropriate medical marijuana treatment options to help each patient feel their best.

The Affinity Dispensary pharmacist-led Care Team will continue to support and educate our patients every step of the way and treat them with respect and empathy to foster a relationship they can trust. Our patients' health and wellness is our number one priority.