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Medical Provider Days at Affinity

Maddie O'Neill

Jun 5 2024

Medical Provider Days at Affinity

Are you a Recreational patient looking to get your medical card? . Lucky for you, Affinity Dispensary is making this process easier than ever! Introducing our Medical Provider Days!

Join us a few times a month as we host a variety of medical card providers across the state of Connecticut. At these pop-up tables, you can talk face-to-face face with a professional and book your appointment on the spot! We know the process of transitioning to medical can feel overwhelming, so let us take one task off your plate.

Why Switch?

Why switch to medical? For starters, it's CHEAPER! You can expect to save around 20% on EACH purchase with tax savings alone. Aside from the cost, getting your medical card grants you access to a myriad of benefits. Let’s chat about a few of them:

  1. Personalized Treatment: Everyone has different needs. That is why we understand the importance of having individualized care, especially when it comes to cannabis use. During your consultation, you will receive specific guidance from a professional.
  2. Higher Potency Products: Becoming a medical patient means you gain access to higher potency products as well as larger allotments. This means you can get MORE product each month than the average recreational user.
  3. Cost Effective: Connecticut has made medicinal cannabis tax-exempt, making it a more affordable option for patients in need.

What's the difference between recreational and medical?

The main difference between medical and recreational cannabis use resides in the intended use. Many recreational customers use cannabis products simply for the psychoactive effects and to feel “high”. Medical patients often use cannabis products to alleviate their symptoms.

You may have also noticed that there are different menus for states that allow for both recreational and medical use. Even though the products on both menus are derived from the same plant, their composition and THC percentage can be very different.In fact, many medical products have a higher amount of CBD compared to products on the recreational side.

Interested in making the switch? Apply today if you want:

Curious about how to get started? Check out our Becoming A Patient page on our website! We walk you through the steps one by one. See below for qualifying conditions. By focusing on cannabis as a therapeutic agent rather than a recreational substance, users can target specific health concerns!

Conditions include but are not limited to:

Cannabis can also be used in the management of:

Join us for our next provider day!

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