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Product Reviews: Week of 6/13/2024

Mariyama Harunah, PharmD

Jun 18 2024

Product Reviews: Week of 6/13/2024


Affinity Grow Delato 82. Hybrid. Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It has an aroma profile with hints of hops, citrus, and spice. Perfect for users looking for a boost in mood and pain relief.

Affinity Grow Devil Driver. Hybrid leaning Sativa. Melonade x Sundae Driver. This strain has an aroma profile described as citrusy and herbal. Great for users looking for relief from anxiety, stress, and depression.

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CTPharma Burmese Kush. Indica. Burmese x San Fernando Valley OG Kush. Known for its piney, spicy, herbal aroma profile. Starts off with a boost in appetite, followed by potent euphoria and relaxation.

CTPharma Hazy Girl. Hybrid. Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Hazy Kush. It has a berry-lemon cookie aroma profile. Known for promoting a balanced high that leaves you happy, calm, and relaxed.

Theraplant Grand Papi Ch. Lemon. Sativa. AKA GrandPapi’s Cherry Lemonade. Electric Lemon G x Cherry GMO Zkittlez. It has an aroma profile reminiscent of Cherry Lemonade. Great for promoting a happy high that boost energy and creativity.


CTPharma GG Skunk Live Rosin. Hybrid. Gorilla Glue x Lemon Skunk. Has a pungent, skunky, earthy aroma profile. This combo of these 2 popular strains is great for a balanced high that leaves you happy, relaxed, and calm.

CTPharma GMO Purps-CTP. Indica. GMO x Grape Pie. Has a sweet, creamy, cherry/berry-like aroma profile. This strain is loved for its potent euphoric, relaxing, pain-relieving effects. Users also love this strain for its anxiety relief.

CTPharma Sour Fire OG. Hybrid. Super Sour Deez x Fire White OG Kush. It has an astringent, skunky, citrusy aroma profile. Great for a well-balanced high that starts off focused and then transitions into euphoric relaxation.

CTPharma Yellow Haze OG. Sativa. Lemon OG x Gorilla Haze. It has a gassy, sour lemon, peppery aroma profile. Great for promoting a peaceful, focused high that helps boost creativity. Available in Disposable Peak Slim, Disposable Bold, and 510 Thread Live Rosin Vape.

Curaleaf El Fuego Select Elite Cartridge. Indica. Woody, fruity, spicy aroma profile. It would be great for those looking for profound relaxation, and a body-dominant euphoric effect.

Theraplant Granpappy Bruce AIO disposable. Sativa. Gran Papi’s Cherry Lemonade x Bruce Banner. Has a sweet/sour cherry flavor aroma profile. Sativa-dominant with pain-relieving and body calming effects that leave you feeling clear-headed and relaxed.

Theraplant Strawnana. Sativa. Banana Kush x Strawberry Bubblegum. This strain has a sweet candy-like and fruity aroma profile. Great for those looking for a peaceful mood and appetite boost.


Theraplant Sunday Trails 6pk. Indica. Haunted Trails x Sunday Dough. It has an aroma profile that is described as smooth, earthy, and slightly piney. This strain is perfect for those looking for potent pain relief and boost in appetite, followed by intense relaxation.

Theraplant Wild Wine 6pk. Indica. (Grape Stomper x Tahoe Alien BX) x Wild Thailand. It has a piney-dominant aroma profile with hints of grape. High in pinene, so users can expect relief in pain/inflammation and anxiety.

Theraplant Wedding C 6pk. Hybrid leaning Indica. AKA Wedding Cake. Triangle Kush x Animal Mints. The aroma profile of this strain has been described as tangy and peppery, with a smooth vanilla exhale. This strain is loved for its potent euphoric, appetite boosting and relaxing effects in addition to relieving pain.

Theraplant Two to Mgo. Hybrid. Mango Sherbert x Mango Hashplant. This strain is loved for its sweet and tropical, mango-dominant aroma profile. The effects of this strain have been known to creep up on you. It boosts mood and appetite and will leave you relaxed without making you fall asleep. Also available in Flower and Concentrated Moon-Rock.

Concentrated Products

Theraplant Banapple Blossom Infused Pre-Roll. Sativa. As the name implies, the aroma profile is mostly fruity with floral accents. It's balanced, so its effects are more hybrid leaning and would be perfect for those looking for a strain that if not too sativa but will still provide a mood boost.

Theraplant Haunted Buddha Infused Pre-Roll. Indica. Haunted Trails flower infused with Bubba Buddha Oil. The combination of the two strains creates an aroma profile that starts earthy and piney, with a sweet cherry-like finish on top. This strain promotes potent relaxation that can lead to couchlock and is perfect for evening use.

Theraplant Wired Thai Moon Rock. Sativa. Electric Lemon G x Wild Thai. Flower Infused with Concentrate and then rolled in kief. It has a potent lemon-forward citrusy aroma profile. Good for users looking for a potent energy boost that makes you “wired” and improves focus. Users can also look forward to a little bit of pain relief and boost in mood.

Med-Only Products

Theraplant Live Super B Crumble. Sativa. Black Cherry Punch x Tropicana Cookies. Users notice a cherry-like, earthy aroma profile when burning. Good for GI Issues (appetite and nausea), muscle spasms, and helps boost mood. Perfect for crumbling on top of flower to boost potency and therapeutic effects.

Theraplant G. Rose Crumble. Hybrid leaning Sativa. Sugar Black Rose x Bruce Banner. The aroma profile for this strain is described as velvety, sweet, and rosy. Leans slightly sativa and would be perfect for crumbling on top of flower to boost potency. Can also expect some relief from pain/inflammation.

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