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Product Reviews: Week of 6/20/2024

Mariyama Harunah, PharmD

Jun 21 2024

Product Reviews: Week of 6/20/2024


Affinity Grow Mac Stomper. Hybrid. MAC x Grape Stomper OG. This strain has a citrusy and grapey aroma profile that is pleasing to all senses. This strain is perfect for use any time of day. Users report feeling happy, euphoric, and relaxed.

Affinity Ital Ice. Hybrid leaning slightly Indica. Forbidden Fruit x Michael Jordan (Gelato #45). This strain has a citrusy, yet creamy berry aroma profile. This strain is known to have a mood-boosting and relaxing effect that won’t make you fall asleep right away. Also available in Premium GRWN vape cartridge.

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CTPharma Tasty Jane. Indica. High School Sweetheart x Grape Stomper. This strain is known for its sweet/sour grape-dominant berry aroma profile. This strain has been reported to leave users relaxed and happy.

CTPharma ForbiddenZ. Hybrid. Runtz x Forbidden Zkittlez. This strain is loved for its slightly spicy, grapey, diesel aroma profile. Users can expect a mood boost as well as becoming more talkative/social.

Curaleaf Carmelita. Indica. Creme D’Mint x Grease Monkey. The aroma profile of this strain has been described as sweet, buttery, and caramel-like and should remind you of baked butter pecan cookies. It has a cerebral, euphoric, clear-headed effect that slowly causes a deep relaxation. Also available in 1g Single Pre-Roll.

Curaleaf King’s Stash Ground Flower. Indica. Loius XIII OG x Dosidos. The flavor aroma profile for this strain has been described as predominantly grapey, with hints of lavender and diesel. The strain is recommended for those looking for relief from pain, anxiety, and insomnia.


Affinity Grow Hippie Crasher Premium GWRN vape. Indica. Kush Mints x Wedding Crasher. This strain has a minty, vanilla aroma profile that is slightly astringent. The effects of this strain are potent euphoria, total relaxation, and “the tingles”. This strain would be great for those looking for pain and stress relief.

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AGL Indicol BSC 0.5g vape. Indica. AKA Brownie Scout. Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Pre 98 Bubba. As the name implies, this strain has a potent skunky, chocolatey aroma profile. This strain can cause a potent couch-locking euphoric effect. It also causes profound body relaxation, that will help you fall asleep.

CTPharma Blue Sky Haze. Hybrid and CBD. Blue Dream. Blueberry x Haze. This strain has a sweet, creamy, blueberry aroma profile. This strain promotes profound pain and stress relief without as much of a psychoactive high.

CTPharma Grease Monkey. Hybrid. GG4 x Cookies and Cream. The aroma profile for this strain is gassy, earthy, and skunky. This strain is great for helping relieve pain and stress, while also boosting appetite.

Curaleaf Select Elite SB 0.5g. Indica. AKA Sunset Sherbert. Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties. The aroma profile of this strain will remind you of a creamy frozen treat with bits of tangy fruit and cookie on top. Although this strain is indica, its euphoric and mood-boosting effects would be great for any time of day.

Theraplant Southwest Screamer. Indica. Southwest Stomper x Neapolitan Space Cream x Haunted Trail. This strain has a sweet and creamy aroma profile. This strain would be great for evening use and those looking for stress and anxiety relief. Available in 0.5g and 1g vape.

Theraplant Super Diesel Lemon. Sativa. Super Boof x Electric Lemon G. The aroma profile for this strain has been described as sweet, citrusy, and savory. This strain would be perfect for daytime use. The combination of these two parent strains creates a potent euphoric effect, while still leaving you focused.


Curaleaf A Tartz 5pk. Hybrid. Apple Fritter x Runtz. This strain’s aroma profile has notes of tart apples and berries, with hints of diesel. This popular strain is recommended for any time of day. Its effects are euphoric and relaxing (without making you fall asleep).

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Curaleaf Rare Darkness 1g PR. Indica. Rare Dankness #1 x Grape Ape. The aroma profile for this strain is very “purple” with notes of grape, and other dark berries. The effects of this strain have been known to relieve pain (especially migraines) and boost mood, leaving you ready for a good night’s sleep.


Curaleaf Blackberry Ratio Bites. Hybrid THC and CBN Combination. These gummies are made with Nano Technology and have been designed to work quicker than other traditional options on the market. Taking 1 or 2 gummies 15 to 30 minutes before sleep is recommended for a great night’s sleep. Currently on sale for $20 while supplies last.

Med-Only Products

Curaleaf Tucana flower. Sativa. AKA [Purple] Mimosa. Clementine x Purple Punch. This strain has a potent citrusy aroma profile. The effects for this strain are predominantly mood, energy, and focus boosting at lower doses. Higher doses have been known to promote relaxation, and insomnia relief.

CTPharma Sour Kush THCA-Infused Pre-Roll. Indica. Sour Diesel x OG Kush. This unique indica strain has a potent lemon-lime aroma profile. This strain is recommended for pain relief and has also been reported to increase libido and relieve insomnia.

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