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Understanding Consumption Methods

Maddie O'Neill

Jun 19 2024

Understanding Consumption Methods

If you’re new to the world of Cannabis, navigating the various consumption methods can feel overwhelming. The desired effects are dependent on the method of administration. So, let’s chat about some of the most common ways to enjoy cannabis and the physiological effects of each.

Inhalation (Flower):

The most popular consumption method is inhalation. Whether it's flower or vapes, most people gravitate towards its immediate effects. Smoking flower offers a fast-acting and versatile smoking experience. Not to mention, it’s naturally occurring, which is a bonus for people who prefer a more uncultivated experience. When you inhale cannabis, it enters the body through the lungs, and passes through the bloodstream where it eventually reaches the brain. The effects typically peak around the 30-minute mark but can last up to 6 hours depending on the amount ingested.

Why smoking as opposed to ingesting? Cannabis enthusiasts, especially those who prefer smoking flower, view smoking as a ritual. Not only does it provide necessary pain relief and relaxation, but it's also a spiritual practice that can be very grounding for most users.

Inhalation (Vapor):

Another popular consumption method is vaping! Similar to smoking flower, the effects are almost immediate. Most people gravitate towards this consumption method as it's much cleaner and easier for those on the go. For those who can do without the ritual but want the effects – this method is for you! You can choose between a rechargeable battery (either breath or button activated) or a one-and-done disposable. It is important to note that the THC percentage inside a vape cartridge is much more concentrated than flower. Most vape products are around 3x the THC compared to a standard eighth. That said, depending on other variables, it can be easier to over-consume.

Between the two inhalation methods, it is hard to say which is more effective. Given that the amount ingested is nearly impossible to measure, it also depends on the user! Everyone's individual body chemistry reacts differently to THC, so try out a few different methods and see what works best for you!

Ingesting (Edibles):

Are you looking to avoid smoking altogether? If so, edibles are for you! This consumption method involves ingesting cannabis as opposed to inhaling it. Cannabis users gravitate towards this method given its precise dosage and long-lasting effects. Not to mention, no equipment is needed! When you eat or drink cannabis products, it enters the body through the stomach, travels to the liver and enters the bloodstream where it finally reaches the brain. Once metabolized, the THC gets converted into a more potent form with the help of the liver, contributing to a more intensified experience with longer-lasting high.

Depending on the amount ingested, the effects can last up to 12 hours. However, it takes longer to take into effect. So, you can expect to notice a difference anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours after ingesting. That said, be careful not to over-indulge. Many users think they aren't feeling it fast enough, so they double up on the dose. This can lead to some serious negative side effects, so pay attention to the dosing instructions and be patient!

Want to Learn More

No matter which consumption method you choose, it is important to consume it safely and responsibly. For more information and guidance, head over to our Cannabis Resources page. Are you a medical patient interested in booking a consultation with one of our pharmacists? Schedule your appointment today!


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